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Museum and House of salt

The Saline Nin is visited annually by 70,000-100,000 people. The whole saline is a magical museum. It is over 1500 years old. The Roman gate, stones from the Illyrian time, the Bora of the Velebit, the medicinal mud, over 200 bird species and ancient tools testify about it. The saline tells a story about salt throughout the history, wars, celebrations, love, joy and work. During this time many things have changed, but one thing remained unchanged. The salt is just as before gathered with hands with lots of love and joy. Over the generations the saline fields from Nin give the best of the sun, the Adriatic Sea and the Bora of Velebit. A museum and a salt house are part of the Saline. You can see here black and white photos from the past, old tools for work, wagons that served as means of transport for the salt from the salt pans to the salt depository, but at the same time you can play an interactive game, see a model of the unique nature reserve and a documentary film, which is played in Croatian, German and English. Immerse into the fascinating museum of the only ecological saline on the Adriatic. It will inspire you with words, images and acts, but you will also learn something about the difficult and valuable things to be preserved for the next generations ... Dive into our history of salt. Your Saline Nin. EVENTS Open days Every year we open the doors for visitors in June, July and August. In this way, we want to show and to demonstrate visitors the history of the natural production of white gold. Visitors will be able to enjoy the guided tours free of charge until late in the evening. Salt festival The salt festival is a traditional event that takes place every year in August. A series of events throughout the day give visitors the opportunity to participate in salt production, from creative workshops for children to traditional salt collection with hands, where all people from 9 to 99 years can participate and a free tour with expert guidance.