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Flower salt, flower of health

Nin flower of salt is usually mentioned as the final touch in preparing meals and represents a premium salt on the market. Doctors, dentists and nutritionists have proved in their recommendations about health and flower salt that this salt should not be used only in cooking. In nutritional terms Nin flower salt with a wealth of minerals is involved in all metabolic functions of the body which makes it an important part of everyday and balanced diet. During pregnancy and breastfeeding it helps maintaining optimal amounts of water due to sources of essential minerals contained in the original unprocessed sea salt. Nutrition of children requires salt intake in relation to age, and it is recommended to avoid processed foods containing so-called „hidden salt“. In case of respiratory distress, a solution made for rinsing the nose and inhaltion can be made using the salt. Nin flower salt is unprocessed salt, rich with iodine- seaweed and is used in maintaining the health of the thyroid. The combination of water and Nin flower salt enables reducing the number of bacteria in the oral cavity, immediate increase in alkalinity and improvement of the health of the gums.

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