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Open days and the Salt Festival

Solana Nin tells the 1,500-year-old story of salt to its visitors every year in the summer months, offering free tours of the salt fields by expert guides on Open days and during the Salt Festival. In Solana Nin, salt is produced by the sun, sea, and wind. It is harvested by human hands, with love, and has been done so traditionally for generations. The entire Solana Nin is a magical open-air museum that is visited annually by over 100,000 people. Within the Saltworks are the Salt House Museum and a souvenir shop.

Open days take place during June, July, August, and September until late in the evening, with organized activities and workshops. The Salt House Museum and a souvenir shop are within the confines of the Saltworks, and can also be visited free of charge during open days.

During these events, visitors can enjoy free tours throughout the day, accompanied by expert guides, to get to know as much as possible about the tradition of natural sea salt production . Outdoor tours, lasting 45-60 minutes, are organized every hour on the hour, in the morning from 8 am to 12 pm and, in the afternoon, from 5 pm to 7 pm. In addition to visiting the Saltworks, visitors can visit the House of Salt free of charge, where they can find practical and unique souvenirs.

The Salt Festival is the central annual event of the Saltworks, which takes place at the beginning of August. In addition to being able to visit the Saltworks and the Salt House Museum free of charge, visitors can also enjoy other activities such as salt games for children, including searching for hidden treasures in the salt fields, puppet shows, drawing and painting with salt, and other workshops, as well as manual salt harvesting and a salt-packing competition.

Schedule of events of the Open Days and the Salt Festival for 2023:




Open day


Open day


Open day


Open day


The Salt Festival


Open day


Open day


Open day


Open day


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