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City of Zadar

Jurja Barakovića 7, 23000 Zadar

The shop in Zadar represents an intriguing intersection of tradition and modernity, much like the shop in the Nin Saltworks. It offers a wide range of salt-based products - from various types of cooking salt to cosmetic items and souvenirs. However, what sets this place apart is the photo gallery depicting life in the saltworks.

Here, you can immerse yourself in a visual journey through the salt production process and life on the salt fields, although you won't have the opportunity for a physical tour as in Nin. The photo gallery provides insight into the tradition, the workers in the salt fields, and the sheer beauty and subtlety of this important part of Zadar's cultural heritage.

For those unable to visit the Nin Saltworks, this is an excellent alternative that allows at least a partial experience of the richness and history associated with salt, providing a unique experience through artistic photography.


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