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flower of salt Flower of salt Nin, Flower of health

Flower of Salt Nin is in its original form. Nin salt accumulates at the bottom of the salt pan and the flower of salt remains on the surface, like a fine crystal united with the sea. It is gently picked by hand with the help of wooden micron sieves shaped like flower petals.

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Flower of Salt Nin 125 g 5,84 €
Sea salt with Dalmatian spices 500 g 3,36 €
Sea salt with garlic and parsley - 250 g 2,80 €
Bath and peeling sea salt lavender 600 g 7,30 €
Toothpaste with sage and flower of salt 100 ml 8,90 €
Wooden salt keeper L with spoon 20,90 €
Gift box Zapornica 26,90 €
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