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Use and privacy


Website of the Nin salt works, can be used for your private purposes free of charge to use, according to the following terms and conditions.

Terms of use prescribe the terms and conditions for end users and relate to the use of the website. By using the website, the end users are reported to agree with the Terms of use and business, and agree to use the web site according to them.

Users can send their inquiries and comments sent in written form, by mail or e-mail.

Statement of the privacy and collection of personal data and their use

The Nin salt works obliges to protect the privacy of all its customers. We collect only the necessary, basic information about customers/users and inform our customers about how to use them. Personal data shall include all information that identify the customer (eg name, e-mail address, address, etc.). All user information is strictly confidential and available only where such information necessary to perform the job. All employees and business partners are responsible for respecting the policy.
The Nin salt works will not deliver nor disclose personal information to a third party purchaser, except in cases where it is expressly required by law and in cases where this is necessary for the fulfillment of obligations.

Data which are automatically recorded when the website is visited, and which are not personal information (type of browser, number of visits, time spent on site, etc.) can be used by the Nin salt works exclusively for the evaluation of visits to the website and to improve its content and functionality.

The provisions on the protection of personal data listed above refer exclusively to the home page web shop and on all the pages within domain.

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