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Shop in City of Nin

Ilirska cesta 7, 23232 Nin

The shop in the Nin Saltworks is an incredible fusion of traditional salt-related products and a modern experience.

The wide range includes products made from salt, such as various types of cooking salt, cosmetic items, souvenirs, and gifts. Additionally, they offer salt-based cosmetics known for their hydrating and healing properties for the skin.

In the shop, you can also purchase tickets for tours of the salt fields. This provides a unique opportunity to experience the salt production process up close, learn about the tradition of its creation and harvesting, and gain insight into the importance of salt in the history of this area.

If you're a fan of cultural experiences, you can also buy tickets to visit the Salt Museum. It's an extraordinary place that offers a detailed insight into the history and significance of salt in the region, revealing how salt has shaped the life and culture of the local population over the centuries.

A visit to the shop in the Nin Saltworks not only allows you to purchase authentic products but also provides an unforgettable experience that explores the history and importance of salt in this beautiful part of Croatia.


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8 AM - 4 PM  

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