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Educational salt tour

Tour Description:

This tour tells our story of salt. The tour is guided by our friendly and educated guides. As we walk through the salt pools, you will get to know everything about natural salt production, crystallization and harvest. We will take a break from the heat in the shade located near the old Roman gate and listen to the birds sing.

We produce salt at our saltworks entirely through natural processes, utilizing the sun, sea, and wind. Therefore, salt crystallization is only visible during the summer months.

Ticket prices:

Individual ticket: 11,00 EUR
Family ticket: 29,00 EUR
*Ticket includes parents and children.
*Children up to 7 years old have free admission.

Groups: (more than 15 people):
Students: 3,00 EUR /per student
Adults: 6,00 EUR / per person


Monday - Sunday 8 -19 h (last tour starts at 19 h)
*Timing depends on the season. 

Tours in Croatian: 8, 10, 12, 17 h
Tours in English: 9, 11, 16, 18 h

*Timing can be changed.
*Tours for individual visitors are available without an appointment. You are nevertheless advised to check the availability of the guides beforehand.


45 min


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