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We also offer various ceramic, wooden and stone souvenirs, very practical for use in any kitchen.

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Wooden souvenirs
Ceramic souvenir
Salt necklace
Mini saltworks
Stone souvenirs
Wooden salt keeper S 39,00 kn
Wooden salt keeper M 85,00 kn
155,00 kn
Small wooden spoon for salt 29,00 kn
Wooden salt grinder 295,00 kn
Ceramic salt keeper Mini 55,00 kn
Ceramic salt keeper Big 79,00 kn
Ceramic kit - sailing boat 45,00 kn
Ceramic kit 55,00 kn
Ceramic set 68,00 kn
Ceramic bowl with plinth stopper 50,00 kn
Necklace with salt - round 129,00 kn
Necklace with salt - bottle 129,00 kn
Necklace with salt - heart 129,00 kn
Wooden mini saltworks "BOIR" black 605,00 kn
Wooden mini saltworks "BOIR" natural 605,00 kn
Giftbox tubes 2GO 55,00 kn
Stone table set 289,00 kn
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