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A little about our purpose

Nin Saltworks acts as the human body. All the functions are properly distributed and work synergistically,and the tendency is based on naturalness, simplicity and patience. Our purpose is to „bring people closer to nature with taste, touch, view and emotion“.

Core values:

Personality and creativity
People are the greatest strength of Nin Saltworks because they have been living with it for ages. To many of them the salt pan is a mother and for generations they have been working there, woth respect and love for the salt, just like their ancestors.

At the Nin Saltworks the knowledge of traditional and manual production is transferred within the family, and it complements with creative and innovative communication.

Honesty, openness and integrity. Words „promise“ and „obligations“ towards our partners are the main inner postulates.

Responsible business
We get the salt from the nature. Our purpose is to take care of life, nature, plants, animals and human beings consciously and responsibly. Without them there would be no us nor our salt.

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